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moonsea Releases Empowering New Single ‘Sensitive’ Celebrating the Strength of Vulnerability

Naarm/Melbourne indie-pop artist moonsea has revealed her latest delight, Sensitive. Alongside the new single comes a heartwarming accompanying video.

Combining a distinctive fusion of electronic and pop elements, moonsea’s musical creations exude an intimate tenderness, skillfully guiding listeners through diverse emotions. Her artistry sheds light on the profound strength and captivating beauty of embracing sensitivity.

In ‘Sensitive,’ moonsea masterfully captures the profound allure and strength that arises from fully embracing one’s sensitivity. Drawing from her journey, she openly recognises the inherent challenges of being a deeply emotionally connected individual. However, her music ultimately serves as a triumphant celebration of sensitivity as a distinctive and empowering trait.

“I grew up as a pretty sensitive kid. I would cry readily, laugh unreservedly and feel things fully and deeply. This got the well-meaning adults in my life worried. If I cried every time I heard a sad story, saw a bug get squashed or got told off by a teacher, how would I make it through this life in one piece?”  – moonsea.

Set against the backdrop of the Moonville Talent show, the accompanying music video weaves a poignant story in which Cece Moon audaciously registers herself ten times, immersing into a plethora of acts with the sole aim of winning over the formidable judges. From mimicking to conjuring magic and puppetry to rocking out, Cece Moon tenaciously forges ahead until that magic moment when she undeniably captures the hearts and attention of the discerning panel.

Sensitive not only showcases moonsea’s remarkable artistry but also serves as a heartfelt reminder that in embracing our sensitivity, we unlock a world of resilience and connection.

Sensitive is available now everywhere.

Written by John Zebra