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Moonsea Unveils Enchanting New Single, ‘Violins’

Melbourne indie-pop artist moonsea has a unique talent for gently igniting flames within even the most resilient hearts. As a captivating artist and unabashed romantic, she has just unveiled her latest creation, the entrancing single ‘Violins.’ This new release envelops listeners in an all-encompassing experience, showcasing moonsea’s ability to weave intricate emotions into her music.

Violins emerges as a vivid portrayal of unrequited love and the poignant experience of feeling unseen by that special someone. The journey begins with an abundant and slow-burning orchestral introduction, mirroring the undulating waves of hope that accompany the early stages of a crush. moonsea’s vocals, characterised by grace and vulnerability, imbue the track with sincerity as she romanticises the profound desires and yearning within.

“I’ve always been the sort of person that falls in love fast and completely. It’s quite the health hazard. With this song, I wanted to take those feelings of infatuation and desperation and ramp them up to the extreme. My idea for the instrumentation was romantic symphony meets indie rock band, and I really love how seamlessly it evolves from one to the other. The last lyric ‘Please look at me!’, pretty much sums up what this song about at its heart; the deep and terrible need to be seen.” – moonsea.

Violins is a testament to her artistry, drawing audiences with enchanting melodies and evocative storytelling.

Written by John Zebra