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Morning Mood Invite You To The Dance Floor With Their New Single, ‘Blue’

Wollongong’s four-piece Morning Mood has entered the fray with their dynamic single, Blue. A genre-bending debut, it’s exciting times ahead in the Morning Mood stable.

Blue is an indie disco-infused track that screams summer and feel-good vibes. Dazzling and shimmering melodies with dancefloor bass lines and infectious drum tracking certainly get you out of your seat and onto that dancefloor. A wide range of experimentation is used through the dancefloor heater, from its hip-shaking moments to its euphoric vocal delivery; Blue is a track almost every music lover can resonate with.

Written to make people dance, the track carries a diverse range of musical influences.

“We wrote the music for the song with the intention of it being an electronic dance track, which I believe shines through to some extent. We wanted to create something that had a push and pull feel to it and then some sort of final release, trying my best to incorporate a range of influences that had inspired me recently (Close Counters, Lazywax, Soul Wun).”  – Malachi, Morning Mood Keyboardist.

Like most instant hits, Blue was stuck in the demo folder of Malachi for some time and found its current form once the rest of the band got their hands on it.

“BLUE is a lyrical exploration into the intricate dance of modern relationships. We wanted to peel back the layers and delve into the nuances inherent in connecting with someone in today’s world. The song is a canvas that captures the desires, the noise, and the complexities woven into the fabric of the current dating landscape.” – Lucy, Morning Mood Vocalist.

Blue is a super fun and captivating listen, taking listeners into Morning Mood’s fun and beaming world. It’s a perfect addition to your upbeat or pre-night-out playlists.

Written by Chris Lamaro