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Motorhead To Release Live DVD/CD of Last Shows

lemmy shot

After the tragic passing of Rock ‘n’ Roll royalty Lemmy Kilmister late last year, it was safe to say that there would be no more Motorhead. However the remaining members have announced there’ll be one more ode to Lemmy in the form of a live DVD entitled ‘Clean Your Clock.’

The live DVD was filmed over some of Motorhead’s last ever shows, specifically, two sold-out shows at the Zenith in Munich, Germany. The shows encapsulated everything fans love about Motorhead with Lemmy displaying one of his most passionate shows to date, belying his (at that point) 69 years of age. Spending most of their careers on the road, Motorhead’s uncompromising and unrelenting live performances were the reason for their famed longevity and fan appeal long after their time in the limelight.

For veteran fans, ‘Clean Your Clock’ will be a chance to reminisce on one of the most influential heavy bands of all time and for younger fans the opportunity to glimpse at least a fraction of Motorhead’s legendary live experience. ‘Clean Your Clock’ was probably never intended to be the last release for the band but due to Lemmy’s untimely death it seems this last ever Motorhead release will somewhat of an epitaph for Lemmy as well as Motorhead as a band.