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Movie of Your Life Q & A: Nocturnal Tapes

Nocturnal Tapes

NSW North Coast duo Nocturnal Tapes are continuing their sweet run of form with their latest psychedelic electro-pop single Pattern. Sounding like the musical love child of Jagwar Ma, LCD Soundsystem, and Tame Impala, the fellas are set to impress plenty on their upcoming NSW tour. We threw a few questions at the guys about how’d they see their life as a film and about their latest single.

Which actor would you want to play you in the film adaptation of your life story?

Julian Barratt.

Who would you choose to be your best friend in the movie?

Danny Devito.

If you could steal your character’s wardrobe from another movie character, who would you choose?

Raoul Duke from fear and loathing in Las Vegas (Johnny Depp), “wait, we can’t stop here, it’s bat country”.

What conflict would your character encounter in the movie?

He is trapped in a time warp and has to re-live the same day over until his loops, samples and sequences are perfectly in sync. Oh and there is a groundhog.

What death-defying stunt would you make your character do?

Get out of bed before 11am on a Sunday morning.

Who would you trust to write the script of your life story?

My Mum!

If you could play a part in a movie of your choice, what would you choose? 

Vincent Vega – that dance scene with Uma Thurman to Chuck Berry’s You Never can tell (Pulp Fiction) is awesome!

For the uninitiated, how would you describe Nocturnal Tapes’ sound and live show?

Thick analog synths and drum machines meet psych Guitar and spacey vocals. We also like the long jams and build ups, so generally the live versions of our songs will be at least twice as long our recordings depending on how we are feeling on the night.

We’re loving your latest single Pattern, what’s the inspiration or story behind the song?

We had this funky jam we were messing around with but no lyrics. One day I was driving in our home town Yamba and I saw this guy confidently strutting his way down the street with a pattern patch sewn on the back of his shirt and I just thought this guy knows where its at, I called Lach straight away and told him I had the hook.

Lastly, tell us three things people should know about your Pattern single launch?

Pattern is one of the first songs we wrote together. There will be an after party at my brothers place in Newcastle, he doesn’t know about it yet but as soon as the beers start flowing that train won’t stop. And we’ll be filming part of the upcoming video clip in between shows.

Nocturnal Tapes NSW Live Dates

Beach Hotel, Byron Bay
Pacific Hotel, Yamba
Newcastle University (Lunchtime Set)
Lass O’gowrie, Newcastle
World Bar, Sydney
Proud Mary’s, Central Coast

Written by Jess Martyn