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Mozë Returns With Genre Bending Debut EP, ‘Mosaic’

In a world entirely her own, English-born Yorta Yorta/Wangaratta-based producer and artist MOZË transcends genres in her timeless debut EP ‘MOSAIC’. The vibrant electronic soul of ‘MOSAIC’ opens to its soaring phrases and tethering beats, underpinned by vocals both pensive and courageous. Collaborating with ARIA Award-Winning producer Michael Belsar (G FLIP, Genesis Owusu, Hayden James), MOZË’s release articulates the intrinsic experiences of femininity in six songs of reverent introspection.

‘Pages’ opens into existence, ushering in MOZË’s soothing vocals, before swirling melodic runs overcome the initial composure. ‘Pages’ eulogises the creativity and intellect of women’s stories, mercilessly condemning a systemic and historical narrative that obscures their potency and objectifies their subjects.

With a jilting EDM descent seeking to shift the instrumental off-kilter, ‘Rough’ expertly anchors itself amongst pulsing drum and bass beats. Featuring a collaboration with Stevie Jean, the track traverses through a hazy labyrinthian exploration of queerness.

Following, ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ delves into the new themes of confronting and recovering from infidelity. Vocal chops underpaint MOZË’s confident vocal lines, and the outro ponders on with contrasting additions of driving synthetic strings.

Among these assertions of female strength, ‘One More Time’ slips into a state of fractured vulnerability, acknowledging the delicate nature of growth that so enshrines womanhood. The stripped-back arrangement builds a sense of surety and closure hewn from layers of patient cadences and twinkling ornament in the keys.

‘Shed Light’ floats weightless in its airy synth and divine falsetto, illuminating the sung experience of enlightenment and emotional maturity. The tension coils and conversational sound bites key the track for an exultant release of celebration of the human and feminine.

Closing the EP, ‘Albert St’ energises a playful high with a grooving bassline and loose funk-inspired electric guitar strums. Infectious horns and tongue-in-cheek spoken interludes are peppered throughout the track, ending on a triumphant note of revelry and fun.

MOZË’s luminous offering paints intricate sonic veneers for her thoughtfully crafted narratives, depicting womanhood with equal reverence and lust for life that addresses injustice, along with uplifting what should be celebrated.

Written by John Zebra