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Munan Soothes The Soul With His Latest Single, ‘Mr. Taxi Driver’

South Korean-Australian artist, Munan has just revealed his super-bopping new single, Mr. Taxi Driver. The bright new jam follows on from his 2022 single, I Don’t, which has racked up some very impressive online streams.

Mr. Taxi Driver is a delicious tune that carries a super smooth delivery of sophisticated sound. A lo-fi sound that is charming from start to finish, Munan has a knack for oozing out a super sense of class, this one is a true gentle gem. The track was first written late last year, however things had to be put on hold as Munan was forced to move his creative space.

“I wrote ‘Mr. TaxiDriver’ late last year after re-sampling the drums from my previous single ‘Freak Like Me’ and made it more lo-fi with FX and tape saturations. I am a huge fan of creating songs with a variation of two chords and only a handful of instruments that have been manipulated and squashed into something gritty and colourful. With the help of my friends, we pieced together the song and added the main guitar riff that fits the theme of Mr. Taxi Driver at our friend’s studio.

Finally, with the magic of production, the lo-fi, hazy-psychedelic song that is now ‘Mr. Taxi Driver’ was made, but the song felt like it was still missing something. I then found some inspiration in the song ’Loretta’ by Ginger Root to add some saxophone sections. I visited my friend’s house where we took a few saxophones takes and decided it would be a cool idea to fade out slowly with the sax continuously playing until the end.” ~ Munan

The track has a bit of a deeper message than the lyrics lay out, touching on the notion of breaking bad personal habits and not making the same mistakes throughout life.

“The song is mainly about not being able to get home late at night. The only person you can rely on is the taxi driver. Metaphorically speaking, the taxi driver is the sober “you”. When you’re not yourself and make the same mistakes repeatedly, you beg to yourself to never do it again. But bad habits don’t change.” ~ Munan 

A wonderful tune from a wonderful songwriter. This one is perfect for your chilled-out playlists. Mr. Taxi Driver is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro