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Mutual Benefit Releases Super-Calming New Indie Folk Track


Mutual Benefit, a project created by Jordan Lee, has released the first single, Lost Dreamers, from his upcoming album ‘Skip A Sinking Stone’.

The album, due out on May 20th, is the follow up to Mutual Benefit’s 2013 album ‘Love’s Crushing Diamond’, and the latest track from Lee strikes a similarity with his previous release. It’s sentimental and unglamorous, and seems to emanate warmth and comfort, forming something like the musical equivalent of your favourite sweater.

Lee’s warm vocals are once again singing the praise and wanting of freedom and travel, of not wanting to be tied down to one place or another. His vocals delicately drift over lush arrangements of strings and percussion. The soft indie folk styling’s and the arrangements are not at all dissimilar to something like Sufjan Stevens or The Microphones.

In an interview in 2013, Lee said he had always wanted to create a folk album that featured dense orchestral scores, specifically stating Nick Drake’s 1969 album ‘Five Leaves Left’. That desire was the catalyst for ‘Love’s Crushing Diamond’, and it looks to have followed him Lost Dreamers.

We’ll have to wait until late May to see whether or not the same attitude permeates throughout ‘Skip A Sinking Stone’.