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My Chérie Lifts Spirits With Her Recent Single, ‘Don’t Compare Yourself’

In her latest single, Don’t Compare Yourself, the ethereal pop luminary My Chérie delves into the pervasive anxiety spawned by the ceaseless array of choices and societal expectations that define contemporary Western culture. The track serves as a soulful exploration of the universal struggle to navigate a world inundated with comparisons and standards, urging listeners to resist the pitfalls of self-judgment in an era where external influences often overshadow personal authenticity.

A moody track that takes the listener through a range of emotions, Don’t Compare Yourself pushes the boundaries of traditional genres and places itself perfectly in a world of modern pop in 2024. Dreamy production makes it easy to feel a sense of floating while listening to this track.

Lyrically, the track carries a message of staying true to yourself and not getting hung up in society’s chaos.

“Don’t Compare Yourself’ is all about being real and living life on your own terms. It’s not just about ditching the comparison game but also shaking off those inner and societal expectations that try to steer us in a way that pleases everyone else.

Being part of a society that provides us with abundant choices is awesome. However, the surplus of options can sometimes leave us feeling stuck or uncertain about the decisions we make.

My favourite lyric in this track is: ‘I see the birds, they spread their wings with confidence, they donʼt worry about being free.ʼ It reminds me of something Iʼve read before about being a human being not a human doing.

It’s kind of wild to drop a track about the stress we all feel in Western society, especially us folks in our 20s and 30s. But hey, it’s a crazy blessing that we even get to stress about this stuff, right?” – My Chérie.

My Chérie’s mesmerising vocals and poignant lyrics create a sonic refuge that encourages embracing individuality amidst the cacophony of societal pressures. Don’t Compare Yourself is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro