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My Secret Circus Throwback To Nu-Metal With “No Cigar” Music Video


If you’re missing good old noughties skate metal then listen up ’cause My Secret Circus are giving us plenty of nostalgia with their new music video for No Cigar.

The Melbourne 4-piece have been in Los Angeles for the last couple of years refining their sound, and they’ve come back with a melting pot of hard rock genres that has us reliving our ansgty teens.

No Cigar sees the aggressive rapping of Limp Bizkit meets the chunky riffs of Linkin Park, with some electronic-inspired background layers giving this song the ultimate nu-metal finish. It’s music video should be watched at your own risk, the image of a naked woman slowly emerging from a creepy embryonic sac and walking around covered in blood isn’t exactly meant to be viewed over lunch.

Band members are laying around in a grungy industrial cave looking pretty sick, but they come good (no thanks to the creepy looking doctor watching them) and end up turning the cave into an underground nu-metal gig. The storyline is broken up with shots of that creepy woman so you’ll never get bored.

Even with the gore it’s damn fun to watch, and it carries a pretty strong message about how oppressing the music industry can be for artists.

“You do all this hard work for so long and you find somebody tying you down with broken promises and dictating what you can and cannot do. No Cigar is a bit of a f**k you to those people!” explains frontman Daniel Marazita.

My Secret Circus became a name in the Aussie underground scene back in 2012. The outfit have had a hell of a time playing in famous L.A. venues such as The Viper Room and supported Aerosmith and Karnivool. They’ve released one album so far, but with the release of this single it looks like they’re getting ready to drop a fresh collection of brutal tracks.

If you’ve got an empty stomach, check out their music video below!