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Ned Flanders Metal Band Okilly Dokilly Drop “White Whine Spritzer” Video & Album News


The world’s infamous Ned Flanders themed metal group Okilly Dokilly have released their first music video! White Wine Spritzer is from their debut album ‘Howdilly Doodilly’, set for release on THIS coming Friday! is due out on Friday the 11th of November!

The quintet formed in Phoenix, Arizona, after a conversation between vocalist Head Ned and drummer Bled Ned at a local convenience store (one can only hope it was the Kiwk-E-Mart) about cute names for heavy bands. After the fateful conversation the two Ned’s contacted other Ned’s (Red Ned, Thread Ned, and Stead Ned), and thus Okilly Dokilly was born.

The group’s love for the moustachioed Simpsons character is obvious, with most of their songs being direct quotes from everyone’s favourite neighbourino. They even take fashion inspiration from the cartoon-man himself, dressing in green sweaters, pink undershirts, and matching moustaches…let’s just say there’s not a lot these guys won’t do to show their love for Ned!

Talking to MusicFeeds earlier this year, the group described their music as “Not as fast as Bartcore, and a little cleaner than Krusty Punk. Not as heavy as Homer Djent. ‘Nedal’ is a happy medium in the Simpscene”. The group’s latest release is surprisingly catchy for a band who’s creative output is inspired entirely by Ned Flanders.

White Wine Spritzer has only two lines of lyrics. Drawing lyrical inspiration from the ‘Viva Ned Flanders’ episode of the Simpsons (S10, Ep 10), the deeply profound lyrics of “You only live once / Aw hell, give me a white wine spritzer” are universally relatable for any Gen Xer or Yer.

Musically the band is an interesting combination of influences, with heavy synths, some metal riffing, and thundering breakdowns, as well as some oddly fitting grunge influenced choruses. There’s sure to be something here for everyone, and will certainly cement ‘Nedal’ as one of the most innovative and exciting genres of our time.

The accompanying music video for White Whine Spritzer depicts the various Ned’s of Okilly Dokilly enjoying some white wine spritzers while destroying the set, their instruments, and an unfortunate Ned who doesn’t share their love for the sparkling and bubbly beverage.

With their debut album ‘Howdilly Doodilly’ set for release Friday the 11th of November, fans and critics alike are waiting to see what the Neds of Okilly Dokilly are going to unleash upon the world!