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Need New Connies? Slip On & Plug Into The World’s First Wah-Wah Sneaker

Connie proto

In 20 years time, when we look back at some of the greatest innovations in guitar equipment we will now think of Adolf Rickenbacker with the electric guitar, Les Paul with the sexiest guitar design, Floyd Rose with the locking tremolo, and now Converse with the Converse All-Wah.

The Converse All-Wah is the world’s first music-capable shoe, combining the classic Chuck Taylor high-top sneaker with the funky-capabilities of a wah-wah pedal.

How the shoe works is simple: There’s a standard 1/4 inch input and output in the shoe to plug your axe into, allowing for a seamless addition to any guitarist’s pedal chain. Just slip on these awesome sneakers, plug in, and shred while your foot rocks back and forth to create juicy footwear-inspired wah-wah sounds.

Alright, so the shoe is actually only a wireless controller for a separate effects pedal, but that’s our little secret…

Converse hasn’t yet released the price of one of the 23 pairs produced, but we’d imagine it would be somewhere around $300 (considering a regular canvas Connies cost $100 and a decent wah-wah pedal costs $150).

We can see the shoe becoming a staple of punk bands across California in the future, however we can’t help but hope Kirk Hammett will make it a part of his rig for the next Metallica tour.

The All-Wah already has the approval of legendary Dinosaur Jr guitarist, J Mascis. Watch below to see his first impressions!