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TV Telepath Bring New Flavour To Post-Rock Scene With “The Millionaires Grin”

Fresh blood has entered the Aussie post-rock scene. TV Telepath, an experimental 3-piece from Melbourne, have just unleashed their very first single The Millionaires Grin, and it’s pretty good!

It’s no doubt these Melbourne natives are nothing less than explorative as they’ve dropped a seriously spectral track, supported by the released their very first music video. The clip features The Millionaires Grin in a trippy montage of artistically-strewn vintage distorted archive footage.

Sonically, the track sounds like a mix of ol’ skool Red Hot Chilli Peppers meets Title Fight and Silversun Pickups. Starting with driving drums intertwined with some sort of digital wailing sound, the track turns into a bass-heavy guitar blend which an overall slightly eerie undertone.

There’s no major difference between verse and chorus, and you get the impression that this is the idea, with structure being done in away in preference to a very cool sonic experiment. The Millionaires Grin closes with an epic 2-minute soupy breakdown of beautifully crafted post-rock, which sees the busy chord progression slowly drop away to leave just the driving drums and the strange digital drone.

Frontman Thomas Robinson says it took over five years for TV Telepath to produce their upcoming debut EP ‘I Won True Love on a Gameshow’. The band of drummer Jarred Brown, bass player Ryan Hume, and Robinson have worked together writing, fine-tuning, and sculpting the EP until they were completely happy with the end product.

Robinson says the EP’s theme is “about maintaining a connection with your true self in a seemingly
chaotic modern world”.

“The way we feel day to day is largely based on perception…and tools like the television are used to influence the masses into perceiving the world in a certain way. Influencing every aspect of our lives while selling products and fear the entire time,” says Robinson.

Look out for TV Telepath’s debut EP ‘I Won True Love on a Gameshow’ due to drop Friday the 18th of November. In the meantime check out their debut single The Millionaire’s Grin below!