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Hump Day Picks: Your Midweek Mixtape

MIRA AASMA with Whale Song

Mira Aasma 2016 Press Shot

At 19, Swedish-born musician Mira Aasma’s sound is pulsing with potential. Her new single Whale Song has passionate direction and an Enya-like swirling grace. Self recorded and produced, the track is an incredible achievement and marks just the beginning of her exciting career.

The single finds its home in the forthcoming EP ‘Stereoscope’. Mira’s following, although initially Swedish, has grown sizeably since the release of her first single Ghost earlier this year. She is signed to Birds Records and is set to release the fast-paced electronic tune in her home country this Friday. But why wait? Have a listen below!

BROADWAY SOUNDS with Exclusive Love/Digital Influence

Broadway Sounds 2016 Press Shot

With recent shows at Paradise, Beyond the Vallery, New Year’s Evie, St Kilda Festival, and Rainbow Serpent, how the HECK did Melbourne trio Broadway Sounds find time to release their latest EP ‘Exclusive Love/Digital Influence’?

The project is based in London and worked with big acts like Young Fathers, Shabazz Palaces, Peanut Butter Wolf, and The Streets. There’s a clear theme happening here. Label 100 Billion Wires must be partial to producing edgy, bass driven electronic artists, both renowned and emerging.

Broadway Sounds’ EP will drop on 20th May, so the wait will be over soon. We’re pretty keen to dive in to their electronic, funk speckled sound again this year. The single they’ve release shares the EPs name and drips with electronic loops and poppy echo. It draws a little on the repetition Washed Out is known for, while maintaing the energy Australian electronic music is best known for. Check out the first single off the EP right here.

BOXXER with The Air Inside My Lungs

Boxxer 2016 Press Shot
Dion Shaw, soon to be known by moniker BOXXER, has got the goods! His debut single The Air Inside My Lunges is a sonic delight that floats carefully between intense sentimentality and steely resolve.

The track follows an emotionally difficult time for BOXXER, where music was a relief and an escape. He’s the sole musician on this track having written, produced, and played every instrument heard in the mature production.

The Air Inside My Lungs is as haunting as it is danceable, a stellar first offering. Take a listen here!