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New Music Friday #3 – 19.05.2017

Collating the best new music that dropped on this Friday, this is New Music Friday! Let AAA Backstage curate your week’s end with total jams.

Donnarumma – Love Your Man

Not since the Growls or the severely underrated Gold Coast locals Jimmy the Saint and the Sinners (seriously, check them out) has a powerhouse of industrial blues been this good. Calling Adelaide home, Donnarumma touch on something so visceral on their new single, Love Your Man. Not quite jazz, not quite rock, but if you pair the word, “art” with other of those genres, you might be onto something. It’s, at the same time, both stripped back, in terms of instrumentation, and wholesale and rustic–a feat not easily done. Love Your Man is goosebump-inducing!

Jack and the Kids – Your Eyes

It’s hard to hear this song over the sirens in the background because of how much a tune Your Eyes really is. Jack and the Kids are Bendigo natives and have just recently joined the local bill for Groovin’ the Moo along with a plethora of other achievements. A slight touch of ambient bliss finds its way into this track’s melodies–drawing on big nostalgia feels. It’s not until the chorus when Your Eyes truly blooms into the indie rock anthem Australia really deserves right now. The swirling guitars blossom to life and allow for the track to open up in a big, unrelenting way.

Batpiss – Paralyzed

If you’ve never heard of Batpiss–number one, why not? And number two, you’re about to experience some of Melbourne’s best underground dark stoner rock. Coming from the band’s third studio–produced by none other than the Drones’ Gareth Liddiard–Paralyzed pulls no punches in its gritty and pulsing catastrophe of a rock ballad. Really nothing can prepare you for the disconcerting apathy that Batpiss draw from on this muddy and fearless new track. True enough, it’s also lyrically on point as an observation of modern Australia’s critical ethics.

The Lyrical – Teach Me

The Lyrical are one of this country’s truest and broodiest live bands. On new single, Teach Me, is a revealing track that pulls the curtain back on the world’s current issues. While the Lyrical might have the answers, they sure now how to bring a master class of awareness to us. While I wouldn’t label this correctly as a protest song, the revival of such powerful songwriting–in kin to Billy Bragg and early, early Bob Dylan–is, without a doubt, just as relevant. When presented in such a beautiful roots manner, the Lyrical’s Teach Me is one of this year’s most important songs.

Mark Harding – Thorn In Your Side

What’s not to love about the beautiful mix of organic and electronic? It’s all around us, not only in music, but in our everyday life and culture. So when Sydney artist Mark Harding uniquely ties the two elements together on his new track, Thorn In Your Side, it’s more reason than enough to sit up straight and take note of his thunderous rhythms. As impressive as Mark is as a multi-instrumentalist, his lyrics and vocals, in this case, also empower the track as yet another textural element. The way all the musical powers collect and build in Thorn In Your Side is a pure joy to listen to.

Joy In Motion – Falling Out

Oh, what I would do to have Angels & Airwaves return to their innovative sound of their first two records. Or, hey, I’ll even take another Box Car Racer in the interim. Thankfully, to keep everyone tied over, we have Joy In Motion. Falling Out says more than it ever could in its simple, yet powerful, chorus of, “This is the end.” As their name suggests, it’s just a joy to singalong to this track which seems ready made for the live stage. The video, as made by Brisbane’s own Third Eye Visuals, is a feast for the eyes and absolutely encapsulates everything Joy In Motion set out to do.

Written by Jake Wilton