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New Music From Summer Flake

Summer Flake

Adelaide band Summer Flake, fronted by Stephanie Crase, have quietly been killing it with their melodious guitar rock, releasing new single Wine Won’t Wash Away and a clip for their previous release, Shoot And Score.

The trio have been popping up all over the place, with mentions in Rolling Stones Australia, Paste, and Stereogum and support from Henry Rollins (Black Flag), who will premiere their forthcoming album ‘Hello Friends’ on his radio show KCRW.

It’s not surprising, given their knack for creating beautifully hazy and endearing pop-rock, with Crase’s ethereal lead vocals immediately soothing your worried soul. The layered harmonies in Wine Won’t Was Away in particular are a beautifully light counterpoint to the somewhat grungy, slacker-rock vibe to the track.

Their single Shoot And Score, a somewhat moodier track from the trio, has recently been given a sparse but atmospheric video clip to accompany it. The clip shows just how much editing can effect mood, with Crase’s brooding vocals sending shivers down your spine (the good kind!).

Make sure to keep your ears and eyes open on Friday, April 8th for the release of Summer Flake’s brand spanker ‘Hello Friends’. It’s available for pre-order now.

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