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New Music from Supergroup Gone Is Gone Is Good Not Good

Gone is gone

Freshly formed supergroup Gone Is Gone has dropped a new track titled Stolen From Me, the third release from their forthcoming self-titled EP. The group is comprised of Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, Mastodon vocalist/bassist Troy Sanders, At The Drive In drummer Tony Hajjar, and multi-instrumentalist Mike Zarin. This single follows on from their other two releases Starlight and Violescent

Despite having extremely skilled band members, Stolen From Me is frankly quite a dull track that doesn’t blow any minds or excite the senses. It’s a slow, meandering song in which you’re not exactly sure which member or instrument trying to stand out.

Mastodon vocalist Troy Sanders begins with calm, quite whisper-type vocals, escalating his tone as the track goes on, but still doesn’t hit any major high points. What really grinds our gears is just when you’re expecting a killer breakdown they just hop back into the chorus and follow it with a chilled bridge. You know what’s gone? Our trust…

In saying all of this the track isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just nothing special. Clearly there’s a lot of potential with these guys, and I hope the EP produces some great songs that show off what these guys are really made of.

In related news, Queens Of The Stone Age will soon be returning to the studio to record their first release since 2013. They announced they would be taking a break early last year, following two years of intense touring.

At The Drive In are due to appear at Splendour In The Grass next month as one of the main acts, below headliners The Strokes, The Avalanches and The Cure, and hopefully will deliver a kick-ass show.

Gone Is Gone’s debut self-titled EP is due to drop on Friday July 8th. Check out the video for Stolen From Me below!