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Newcomer Amalia Shares her Biggest Inspirations

Melbourne indie pop singer-songwriter Amalia recently unveiled her anticipated debut single, ‘Electric Rush’.

Originally written from the perspective of forbidden love, ‘Electric Rush’ quickly developed into an ode to breaking social stereotypes and embracing freedom, which can be felt through Amalia’s soaring vocals that refuse to be confined.

To celebrate the debut single, Amalia has shared with us her five favourite artists of all time and why and how inspired her music career.

Fleetwood Mac

A band woven from magic and mystery, I was first introduced to the tapestry of sounds from Fleetwood Mac in my Dads car. Their songs are like time capsules, each track feels like a chapter from a book you can’t put down, filled with love, heartache, betrayal, and redemption. Stevie Nicks’ alchemical blend of sound is as rich and varied as the human experience itself while Christine McVie’s soulful warmth provides a grounding counterbalance, as comforting as a hearth on a cold night. Lindsey Buckingham’s “Rhiannon” is a flight through folklore, “Go Your Own Way” a rebellious anthem of independence, and “Landslide” a poignant reflection on the passage of time. Songbird was the first song I learnt to sing and play on piano.


A household name in the band world, Paramore gives you your perfect fix of rock/pop/alternative fusion, each song a sonic adventure that defies the mundane. At the heart of this powerful alchemy is Hayley Williams, whose voice is a force of nature, oscillating between fierce intensity and poignant vulnerability, capturing the full spectrum of human emotion. I was in my first year of high school listening to ‘Still into you’ and feeling as if Hayley was the voice of my soul, speaking to my 12 year old crush. Now, being 22, their catalog of songs still feel fresh and exciting. They are the definition of authenticity in a world of fleeting trends.

Angie McMahon

The best way to describe Australian Angie McMann’s voice is a delicate balance of silk and steel, weaving through melodies with both grace and strength. The rich and evocative emotional landscapes she takes her listeners through is raw with unfiltered honesty, her track ‘Soon-piano’ making me weep with her voice soaring and dipping like a bird in flight, navigating the complexities of love, loss, and hope. Yet what makes her among my top 5 artists is not only her ballad writing, but her Upbeat tracks, showcasing her versatility and passion, infusing listeners with a contagious energy and a sense of empowerment.

Benson Boone

I know everyone is obsessed with belting out the chorus to ‘Beautiful Things’ at the moment, but I like to think of myself as a pretty early Benson Boone fan- his live version of ‘In the Stars’ making my 100+ repeat obsession playlist haha. What I think really sets Benson apart is his authenticity. He doesn’t just perform; he shares a piece of himself in every song. This genuine approach makes his music even more compelling and relatable. His raw screams of emotion is what rips through people’s hearts- it’s not a pretty sound he makes… but you know you’re gonna feel it!!

Kate Bush

Imagine stepping into a dreamscape where the ordinary laws of reality dissolve, and you find yourself transcended into the irresistible pull of a dreamy love spell. That’s Kate Bush. Her willingness to experiment with unusual instruments, complex arrangements, and unconventional rhythms results in music that feels both timeless and ahead of its time- daring and avantgarde. Her voice is like a chameleon, channeling otherworld forces to help her shift from a whispering ghost to a powerful wail of a hurricane. Visually, Kate Bush is just as groundbreaking. Her theatricality and flair for dramatic presentation add an extra dimension to her music. Whether it’s her expressive dance in music videos or her elaborate stage performances, she ALWAYS lives and breathes a beautiful narrative.

Amalia’s debut single, Electric Rush is available now, everywhere.