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Niantic & Chill With Their New Single “Floating Islands”

Niantic Promo 2016

Indie rock lads Niantic have ended their American summer with a banger, releasing their fresh chill tune Floating Islands only days after the season switch. The good news for us Aussies is that we get to enjoy the track all spring and summer long!

The tune is a cocktail of Local Native’s bouncy acoustics and Florence + the Machines style harmonic vocals, shaken and served to create the perfect sonic Pina Colada.

A swinging bass lays the foundation for the track, which is joined by an electric guitar turn reminiscent of the early works of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The rolling vocal coasts along a summery sonic terrain, propelled by a percussive flow that introduces the tidal wave chorus.

Floating Islands is the first single and title-track of their their upcoming album, due to be dropped at the end of October! The album was finally recorded after the lads managed to raise over $5500 through an Indiegogo campaign earlier in the year.

There’s been no mention of an Aussie tour, so in the meantime soak up some sun and listen to Floating Islands below!