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Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers Release New Single, ‘The Way That You Walk’

Melbourne based Americana folk/roots outfit, Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers have today revealed their new single, The Way That You Walk. The single is taken from their forthcoming sophomore album, ANIMALS which is set for release on July 1.

The Way That You Walk is a smooth and moody piece that is rolling with bright keys, rolling brushed drums and Nick Carvers swoony vocal delivery. It’s a cool track that has some catchy moments and a sing along chorus leading into a classic guitar solo that truly wails.

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The track is a shout out to people particularly men who use their chat to defer attention away from their questionable actions.

“The song is directed at a particular sect of men who believe that their words and actions have no consequence, IN PARTICULAR THE WHOLE #NOTALLMEN BULLSHIT. But at the same time, it is directed at those people who use virtue signalling as a way to defer from their own shitty actions. So it’s a large fuck you to any man who feels that their words and actions should go unjudged or unpunished because they believe their intentions are pure.” – Nick Carver

The track comes with an accompanying video that is the ideal visual compliment to a dark a moody tune. The Way That You Walk is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro