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Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers Unveil Gritty Single, ‘I Need To Feel’

Emerging from the heart of regional Victoria, Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers, have unleashed their raw and powerful creation, I Need To Feel, accompanied by a gripping and visually mesmerising music video. With their signature rough-edged rock and soulful blues sound, the band delivers a musical experience that resonates deep within the soul, leaving listeners entranced by the emotive journey they embark upon.

Following the successful release of their sophomore album ‘ANIMALS’ in July of last year, Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers have been forging an extraordinary and distinctive musical trajectory, skillfully blending rough-edged rock with the hypnotic allure of psychedelic-swamp blues.

In an electrifying transformation, Nick Carver ventures into uncharted sonic territory with ‘I Need To Feel,’ departing from the alt-country/blues sound that characterized his earlier releases and embracing a raw, gritty rock ambiance. From the very first notes, the track bursts with unbridled energy, driven by foot-stomping rhythms in a captivating 3/4 time signature. Fueled by fuzz-driven guitar riffs, an intense layer of sound envelopes the listener, creating a swirling sonic landscape that magnificently complements Carver’s husky vocals. With the seamless addition of the smooth tones of vocalist Trudie Potter, the track ascends to greater heights, building an explosive crescendo fuelled by an unwavering sense of drive and emotion.

“As far as sound goes, it’s a rock song. There’s very little of the alt-country/bluesy sound that’s on the previous releases. That’s not to say that stuff is over, but I’ve been working towards writing some real straight-up rock stuff that people can be expecting to hear with the next few releases. 

I’ve always loved some cool weird rock, like Funkadelic, Ween, Melvins, Brant Bjork, and early Queens of the Stone Age. I think all of those bands just played out some songs that were really simple to them and kept all the little nuances and oddities that we sometimes try to improve on and end up losing the really cool essence of the track.” – Nick Carver.

Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers latest offering is a captivating and powerful musical journey that showcases his artistic evolution and boundless creativity. I Need To Feel is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra