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Nick & June Take You Into A Paddock Of Flowers With Their Recent Single, ‘Anything But Time’

German indie-duo Nick & June recently revealed their latest single, Anything But Time, and the accompanying video. Taken from their forthcoming EP, Beach Baby, Baby, the single has already amassed some impressive streams and big love from the world’s most prominent tastemakers.

Anything But Time is a dreamy track filled with a classic indie vibe, slow-moving and emotional in its delivery; it takes the listener to an imaginary field filled with flowers and sunshine. It’s a gentle offering of elite-level songwriting and feel-good moments.

Recorded in their home studio in Munich during the COVID-lockdown period and written with some studio basics, the track came to the pair quickly and effortlessly.

“We were actually in the middle of recording a third album, but then Corona postponed everything. You were no longer allowed to travel and there were contact restrictions, so we had to stop and rethink the plan. Most of the songs were written in an intimate setting. Since you were not allowed to leave the house, other instruments like small keyboards, old drum machines, tiny percussion stuff have become the focus of attention and the familiar sound kinda changed and evolved all over again.”

“The song was written really fast, very stream-of-consciousness, really really fast. It’s a brief song, with simple sounds, in fact just an old casio keyboard and a drum machine, with lots of ideas in it. We don’t do too much talking about the lyrics so people can interpret them in their own way. Besides, sometimes even we don’t know one hundred percent what they mean.”NICK & JUNE

Before the pandemic, Nick & June were on a roll, racking up some very impressive online streams with their previous releases, and now, with this new single and EP on the way, they’re excited (as are we) to get the ball rolling again. Anything But Time is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro