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Nighteyes Unveils Poignant Single ‘Plenty’

Introducing ‘Plenty,’ the haunting new single from Nighteyes, the solo endeavour of Rachel Trainor, a talented artist originally from New Zealand but now calling Melbourne home. This spellbinding composition paves the way for her highly-anticipated debut album, ‘The Way Back Down,’ slated for release on November 10th, promising a captivating journey through her sonic landscape.

Her debut album, ‘The Way Back Down, skillfully delves into a tapestry of emotions, seamlessly weaving themes of trauma, love, sorrow, environmental consciousness, connection, and transformation into a musical narrative that resonates deeply with the human experience.

“‘The Way Back Down’ is a journey through our collective unconscious, through realms unknown, the darkness and the light.” – Rachel Trainor, Nighteyes.

Plenty offers a poignant commentary on the pressing matters of human-induced climate change and societal advancement. The song commences with the mournful elegance of Trainor’s vocals, elegantly intertwined with an electric guitar’s gentle, clean strums. A spacious electronic beat introduces itself as the track unfolds, steadily gaining momentum. Live drums and bass soon join the ensemble, intensifying the song’s pulse and leading to a haunting crescendo. Here, distorted electric guitars and thundering drums unite, constructing a brooding sonic landscape that is as evocative as it is enigmatic, leaving an indelible mark that continues to reverberate long after the last note has played.

Plenty serves as a haunting commentary on crucial societal issues and underscores Nighteyes’ exceptional talent as a songwriter, her ability to craft sonic landscapes that evoke deep emotions and provoke thoughtful reflection, showcasing her as a true artist of our time. Plenty is available everywhere, while Nighteye’s debut album, The Way Back Down, is set for release on November 10th.

Written by Chris Lamaro