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Nollsie Brings The Bangers In His New Ute For “Who I Am”


Legendary Aussie meme Shannon Noll has released his latest banger before appearing at the Deni Ute Muster and boy oh boy, is it appropriate! Who I Am is an uplifting classic Nollsie affair with a true-blue video to match, with utes aplenty including the self-driving KITT of Australia: The Nollsie1.

Who I Am is full of the fist-in-the-air appeal usually kept by Bon Jovi, but Nollsie is making this his own and doing his best dethrone the king of stadium rock. The track has the standard acoustic guitar, drums, and associated instrumentation, however the pulsing bass throughout is sure to get future gigs for Nollsie going mental.

Through a sea of uplifting lyrics Nollsie even manages to fit in a reference to his Australian Idol shortcomings with the lyrics “I’m done with second place/Now I’m back in the race”. This might be the first surefire sign Nollsie knows of his human meme status?

Nollsie enthusiast Josh Ludlow had this to say, “G’day Nollsie! You know those videos what you click on and the porn noises play instead? This isn’t one of them but sure does sound like it. Pure sex for my ears!! Cheers mate, keep ’em coming, hope the family is good. Cheers mate.


Who I Am will release on Friday September 30, but you can watch the amazing lyric video feat. Nollsie1 video HERE