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Nordic Warrior Q & A: The Viking N3

The Viking N3

Byron Bay via Sydney emcee The Viking N3 is one of the fiercest emerging emcees on the scene, and he’s baying for blood through his music to initiate social and political change. We asked the intimidating rapper how he approaches the traditions of his ancestors and the origin story behind his new project.

What mystical figure would you put on the front of your longboat?

The most beautiful of mermaids, so I can mesmerise my enemies when arrive at their shore…give them a glimpse of Valhalla before they meet the sword!

What would be the Viking name of your first-born son?

Hmm, Thor. Then I can name my second born Loki so I can make them fight.

What’s your Viking battle cry?

I gotta say the “AHU” from the movie ‘300’. Yes, I know it’s not Viking but guess what, it’s a f*cking movie so it’s not spartan either (laughs)! I’m a modern Viking that has been raised in a world of many cultures, I am one with all of life teachings and the message of the warrior battling the suppressor resides in this battlecry.

What do you feast on at your victory banquets?

Royalty, because blue-blooded lizards taste the best!

Who of the Norse Gods is the best MC?

Ahh, this one is tough, but I will probably have to say Loki. He’s renowned for Flyting which is a form of ancient nordic rap battling where they would poetically exchange insults. Loki and Thor have had quite the epic battles in their time…

Which territory would you most like to rule?

The world! It seems like most leaders have not f*cking idea what they’re doing…or they know exactly what they’re doing and they’re a bunch of psychotic bloodthirsty assh*les, so regardless I’m gonna take ’em all out.

Any tips for maintaining a lush Viking beard?

Eat a lot of cheese made from thy mamas tits then rub coconut oil on that bish (I’m talking about the beard of course), and then rub coconut oil everywhere…makes everything lush AF!

For the uninitiated, how would you describe The Viking N3’s delivery and live shows?

Close your eyes and think about how Vikings greet the new lands and women, yep that’s what I do to that stage – it’s pretty f*cking epic, raw, and in your face!

We’re digging the new single HiiiPoWer, what’s the story behind the song?

I’m originally from Sydney and from a duo called Smacktown, where I was playing at a lot of underground nightclubs rapping over heavy electronic beats. I found myself needing to get out of the concrete jungle and the over polluted scene to focus on my self-growth, health, and art. So, I moved to Byron Bay just over two years ago.

I spent the first year or so just studying the greats and really looking into the business side of the industry. After my hibernation I felt like it was time to resurface my solo career and I had to come back strong and bring some soul into my music. So you can say this was the rebirth and the first step of TheViking N3!

Lastly, what are three things people should know about you?

  1. I’m a tea scientist, they call me “Tea Master T TheViking N3”. Tea fills my body and soul with that goodness.
  2. I indulge in learnings of the universe, existence, and spirituality, that’s what feeds my mind, my art, and my love of this life.
  3. I will cause some some serious positive damage on this music industry! The scene has never seen a warrior more equipped to take on the world like this Australian/hispanic/Nordinc VIKING, AHU!

The Viking N3 Live Dates

Plantation Hotel, Coffs Harbour
18-2o AUG
James Cook University, Townsville Cultural Festival

More info HERE