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Norwegian Indie Pop Artist Daragh Produces The Goods With His New Single, ‘All Those Things’

It’s not often we’re sent catchy music from Norway. Usually it’s a a cool dance edit or experimental synth vibe. But enter Daragh, a young Norwegian indie rock artist who’s just released his fourth single, All Those Things. And it’s certainly worth your attention.

All Those Things sees Daragh pour his heart out in a unique but almost familiar sound. It’s boppy, fun and has a real road trip feel to it. Lyrically it touches on the ideals of coming of age and letting go of the person we once wanted to be.

“The song is about a person whose self-image changes as they get older, and how we lose some of the grand ambitions we once had.” –Daragh

It’s been a busy road to the fourth solo release for Daragh. He was formerly the guitarist for the band Company Ink who received some big accolades including award nominations for Norway’s biggest radio station p3 and playing some big festivals.

Daragh has a big future ahead for his songwriting career and we hope to hear more from him very soon.

“The plan is to release a string of songs that I feel fit together both sonically and narratively. Songs that are sort of relevant to where I am in my life now.“ Daragh

All Those Things is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro