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Obama Gets You In The Mood To Elect With A Slow Jam


US President Barack Obama is currently trawling for jobs on Seek in preparation for the end of his second (and final) term as the most powerful man in the free world in about eight months. In his efforts to readjust to the outside world, Obama has tried his hand as a Barry White impersonator, appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to slow-jam the news.

Joining Fallon and house band The Roots, Obama got up on stage to showcase the achievements of his previous 8-year term, from his implementation of Obamacare to his America’s GFC recovery in 2008. Referred to as “Bareezus” and “Baracki with the good hair”, Obama hit the stage to smoothly recount his time in office and even managed to shake the executive booty (or POT-ass) a little.

Obama has been taking a far more relaxed approach to his final year in office, releasing a video with Vice-President Joe Biden and former Speaker of the House John Boehner about his impending retirement, and taking Republican Presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump to task in his White House Correspondent’s Dinner speech.

Check out the video of Obama slow-jamming the news below, and remember, if you know a local fast food establishment with a managerial position going, there’s some hot talent due to enter the labour market in eight months’ time.

Written by Max Higgins