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Octavian Divide & Conquer With Second Single ‘Running’

Hailing from Sydney, this three-piece create a new threshold of indie-dance that is intensely polished. Octavian’s new single, their second, titled Running, is incredibly polished and dripping in slick, bombastic guitar tones. Running follows their debut single, Chocolate Heart.

Immediate feelings of Foals rush in during the track’s opening. Those rapid-fire, math-rock inspired drum beats paired to the clinical, short and sharp Total Life Forever-esque guitar licks. As it progresses, however, Octavian’s unique flourishes rears its head. Clever song structuring and intricate, propulsive experimentations make this group something to behold and one to place on your radar immediately.

The group renege a feeling of escapism and musical altruism—displayed in their collage, glitchy artwork. As the track crescendos and crashes, Octavian divide and conquer. Running sounds like a moment of years of blood, sweat and tears build into a song. Often times frenetic, especially toward the climax ending, it all manages to build, drop and collect together perfectly.

Go and catch Octavian wipe the dance floor clean at Newtown’s Bank Hotel tonight! The Blenheims and Last Thursday will be on support. Stream Running below.

Octavian Live Dates

Bank Hotel, Newtown

Written by Jake Wilton