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Of Mice & Men Unveil Bizarrely Creepy Video For “Pain”


Orange County metalcore group Of Mice & Men have come a long way from the cookie-cutter post-hardcore of their early days! Their latest single Pain is a rather punishing metal tune, sure to delight anyone in need of something heavier from the group.

Longtime fans of the band might be taken aback by the song’s lack of clean vocals and the jagged rhythm. The turntables, drop-A tuning, and Korn-inspired build-up prior to the breakdown gives Pain a darker feel than the band’s previous work.

Lead singer Austin Carlisle mutters lines such as “Footprints in the sand/that can’t be washed away/it breeds while we’re asleep/it feeds while we’re awake” like a deranged madman, while guitarist Phil Manansala plays like he’s possessed by some Slipknot-obsessed devil.

VHS tracking lines, black and white colour scheme and footage of contortionists writhing in pain make for a particularly creepy video. If Rob Zombie ever decided to do a remake of The Devil Inside, it would probably come out something like this.

Of Mice & Men’s fourth album ‘Cold World’ is out Friday 9th of September.