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Oh My My Tell Us What Makes Them Feel Alive and Why!

Sydney duo Oh My My have just unveiled their brand new double A-side Make Me Feel Alive Tonight / We All Want The Lights Down. It’s some of their best work to date and takes their talents to an even higher level.

This exceptional double A side pushes the boundaries of electronic music, with hints of pop and RnB. It sees them at their absolute creative peak. Make Me Feel Alive Tonight lyrically tells the tale of when we’re in our young adult years and we go through phases of being lost but also being at one with it all.

“Lyrically, it’s about tumultuous 20s, where you live for nightlife, relationships are hard, you’re not really grounded and everything’s moving too quickly. It’s about waking up and feeling lost, but having that feeling juxtaposed with when you’re out with your friends, and you’ve had a few drinks on the dancefloor, and you feel at home.”  – Sam Thomlinson, Oh My My

We All Want The Lights Down looks at things from a different angle, touching on a personal experience of a relationship breakdown.

“From memory this was the first song Sam and I worked on together after I moved in with him. He was rescuing me after a relationship break down and I was in a bit of a state. Sam showed me the chorus and I loved how dark and menacing it felt.” 

“It was pretty easy to feed off what Sam had built and just let the emotion out. We basically finished it in one big long session and by the time we were done I think we realised we had made a bit of a Frankenstein. I kind of love it more because of that. It tells the story we wanted to tell without apology.” – Timothy Quaife, Oh My My

The double A-side is another notch in the belt of releases from Oh My My and we’re frothing it. It’s an exciting time for the pair, there is more to just releasing tunes for these two, they’re actually-quite the thinkers. Timothy shared with us some more thought around what makes him feel alive and why!

“For me, there’s two contrasting life moments that really remind me not to take this whole being alive thing for granted. That keeps me in the present and forces me to take notice of what I’m a part of. At risk of being cliche, the first of those two moments is performing in front of a live audience. 

My whole life, I’ve always seeked the stage, and when I couldn’t find one I’d often just build my own and force friends and family to endure my latest creations. As a child that consisted mostly of ‘fight dancing’ with my younger brother around our living room to Eiffel 65’s ‘Blue’ but as I grew older I eventually wrote and acted in my own plays. There’s a mental clarity that live performance can give you that I find incredibly addictive. I’m guilty of being an overthinker most of the time and the ability to leave it all at the door and not have to worry about anything but the music and the energy in the room until the show is done is the best rush I’ve ever encountered.

On the other end of the spectrum, putting myself in nature and soaking it all in has become a recent favourite activity of mine. I made the decision to move out of Sydney and into rural NSW in early 2020 and whilst I was petrified I was somehow throwing my life away it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Most mornings I take myself outside with a cup of tea and just observe the world going about its business around me. It’s been very humbling and has helped ground me in a way that I don’t think city life ever would have.” –  Timothy Quaife

Make Me Feel Alive Tonight / We All Want The Lights Down is available now, everywhere. If you’re in Sydney tonight you can catch Oh My My perform live at 3 Wise Monkeys, tickets and info below.


June 18th 3 Wise Monkeys Sydney Tickets

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Written by Chris Lamaro