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Old Mervs Share Their 5 Top Tips To ‘Get Better’

WA indie duo, Old Mervs have just released their debut EP, Get Better. The EP explores a range of things we go through as we come of age and find ourselves through self-reflection. To celebrate the release the boys have shared with us their top 5 tips for, well, getting better!


  1. Having a beer with your mates and actually chatting about how you’re doing. Always good to have a yarn with someone and see how they think you’re going. More importantly, checking in with how they’re going. You never know what the convo might bring up.
  1. Making sure you’re eating half decently. Ditch the daily chicken cheese sausage and keep up the 2 and 5 program, even though neither of us have ever had 2 fruit and 5 veg in a single day! Apparently they reckon it works pretty good.
  1. Try to do stuff you enjoy, go camping with mates, on a surf trip, watch a few games of footy. Whatever it may be doing things that you like will naturally help lift your spirits and go towards a better headspace
  1. Get some exercise, don’t run. Running’s stupid, itss boring and it hurts. Go surf, play tennis or skate or something. Even better, join a local team or sports club! Just don’t be a runner, that stuff is weird. Some people like it, we just don’t.
  1. Getting better from a hangover can be hard but there’s a few ways to help! A Chicken cheese sausage, a swim at the beach, a long shower or the best of all have a powerade before bed. Catching up with mates always makes you feel less hungover too.

Lastly, listen to our debut EP ‘Get Better’

Old Mervs Debut EP, Get Better is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro