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Ollie Twohill Rips It Up On His Latest Release, ‘Neverland’

Northern NSW one-man pop-punk artist, Ollie Twohill recently revealed his ripping, high-energy tune, Neverland. It follows on from his previous 2022 release, Silk Dress.

Neverland is one hell of a jam, packing a heap of energy and power into its four-minute life span. Huge ripping guitar work, pounding drums and a classic pop-punk vocal delivery truly make this one shine. It’s a smashing fit for a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack. Ollie has been playing instruments since the dear age of just 6 years old and you can certainly tell he holds a high level of talent as it screams through on all of his recordings.

Neverland is a nod to escapism, being slightly different to his previous release, Ollie wanted to pick things up a notch.

“I Guess this song is a place in my mind called “Neverland”, which is an oasis and retreat from the daily challenges of life, particularly the current world turmoil and instability. The song is for all those marginalised people out there, that don’t quite fit in and get hassled in their day to day lives. Hence the line in the song “Planet Earth is not my friend”. not a great place at times with some people not being particularly nice to others. “Neverland” is dedicated to all those marginalised creative & non creative cool people out there who get a hard time most days. So for all you “outcasts” out there this this song is for you!” – Ollie Twohill

Currently, Ollie performs live as a solo act but tells us that he’s looking to lock down a full live band by the year’s end so he can take this energy out on the road.

“Currently I’m a one-man band in a live setting where I sing and play guitar use both feet on a stomp box, looping pedal for my guitar and high-hat cymbal. I plan to have a rhythm section by mid to late 2022 when things start opening. For the recordings siblings Blair (Drums) and Lawson (Bass) Hamilton have worked on all my releases to date. They are incredible musicians.”-  Ollie Twohill

Neverland is a ripping track that is best served super loud. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro