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OMRA Unveils Intergalactic Indie Pop Journey with New Single ‘Weightless’

Meanjin/Brisbane-based indie pop sensation OMRA has transported listeners to a celestial dreamscape with the release of her latest single, Weightless. Known for her ethereal soundscapes, OMRA’s music has garnered widespread acclaim.

Weightless delves into the uncharted territory of moving on from a past relationship, offering listeners a cathartic journey through space and time. The track’s hypnotic blend of shimmering guitars, pulsating basslines, and ethereal vocals creates an immersive sonic experience that captures the essence of indie escapism.

With its introspective lyrics and atmospheric production, Weightless encapsulates the emotional turbulence of letting go while embracing the unknown with a sense of newfound freedom. OMRA’s signature dreamlike vocals guide listeners through this cosmic odyssey, inviting them to explore the depths of their own emotions.

“You experience a sudden awakening; a realisation that somehow, you’ve detached with only time and perseverance to thank. You could be in the same city, in the same cafe where all of your memories took place, and yet you feel a million miles away from your previous life with that person. In my experience, this sensation leaves you feeling both completely free and fascinated by this new vacant space where such a deep and haunting feeling of attachment once dwelled.” – OMRA.

As OMRA continues to push the boundaries of indie pop, Weightless serves as a testament to her evolution as an artist and her ability to captivate audiences with her otherworldly sound.

Written by John Zebra