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On The Road With Salt Tree

Continuing their upward trajectory following the well-received debut EP in 2022, indie-folk duo Salt Tree kickstart the year with a breathtaking new offering, Coming Home To You, showcasing their evolution and unwavering musical prowess. To celebrate the release, today we go on the road with Salt Tree to get an insight into what touring looks like for them.

This was just before our tour started and was one of our favourite shows playing to 800 people in Perth with a full moon in the background.

Raglan was fun, we didn’t get any opportunity to surf as there was a cyclone on the same day which was pretty crazy. This was our first time touring New Zealand and it was just surreal when people came to our shows and were singing our songs

Surfing near Tom’s Hometown Willunga, SA. It’s definitely not Margaret River but we’re so grateful to be able to do what we love and also surf around the country on the way. It’s one of the ways that we keep grounded and clear our heads from the business of touring.

New Zealand is such a beautiful place with mountains, forest and waterfalls. It’s so different to WA which is really flat. We love going to different places and having new perspectives as it really helps you appreciate all the small things in the world.

It’s been so good being on tour with friends. We had never played a show with Riley (second from the left) before until Auckland and he’s nailed it every time. Dan is one of our longterm friends who we also met at the open mic night we met at. He is a man of many talents having booked the tour for us, is tour managing and playing support. We’re so grateful to be around such talented people who are also good friends.

We went sailing off the SA coast. Our drummer Riley got sea sick and threw up so couldn’t make the photo.

Salt Tree’s latest offering, Coming Home To You is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra