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Our Top 10 Architects Songs

Top Ten Architects Tracks

British metalcore outfit Architects and the broader music community have been grieving over the last few days, following the shock death of Architects’ founding guitarist and songwriter Tom Searle. A true musical visionary, the 28-year-old lost his battle with cancer after years of treatment. Fan and musical tributes have flooded in from across the globe and here at AAA we thought we’d honour the late, great man by compiling a list of our favourite Architects songs, a tribute to Searle’s amazing musicianship and songwriting abilities.

10. Day In Day Out

While 2010’s ‘The Here And Now’ was not a smash hit among Architects fans, Day In Day Out is a versatile standout. The middle ground between Rage Against The Machine and Stray From The Path, Searle’s punk inspired riff combined with the soaring guitar in the bridge is enough to make Day In Day Out an absolute treat for any heavy listener.

9. Phantom Fear

With a beefy enough intro to fill a thousand burritos, Phantom Fear has everything from floor splitting breakdowns to a raw, harmonious chorus that is addictive to the ear. With Architects heading to Australia next month with Bring Me The Horizon, it’s going to be tough moshing, knowing that the brains behind this gem isn’t on stage to share it with us.

8. Early Grave

A throwback to the early stages of the bands career, Architects’ provide a djent meets metal-core fusion that is intricate, intense and so, so heavy. Balanced nicely with a cleanly sung second chorus, Early Grave highlights the diversity Tom Searle had within his playing and writing. For a song to still stand out in the hardcore scene now after being written close to 10 years ago, is insane.

7. Alpha Omega

The first entry from 2012’s ‘Daybreaker’, Alpha Omega is the pinnacle of guitar technique. With it’s rapid paced, sweep like intro and expert tapping in the bridge, the track still baffles those who try to attempt to cover it. An all around catchy, high tension song with a creepy AF video to match.

6. Broken Cross

God only knows why we were born to burn! Ugh!” The first 30 seconds deserve their own spot in the list! But we might just leave it to Tom’s old blog to explain why this one is important.

In Palestine, innocent people are forced from their homes – in the name of religion. In Uganda they are still trying to pass a bill to ‘punish’ homosexuality with the f*cking DEATH PENALTY – in the name of religion. I’ve done a quick check, I can’t verify the accuracy of the figure but there are something like 83 countries where homosexuality is illegal. We can surely assume that a good percentage of those laws were made on religious grounds. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m sure you’ll let me know if I am.

“Let theists and atheists unite together against this stone age bullshit (Religious genocide). We’re all stuck on this rock together so lets stop searching for ways in which we are different are start looking at all the ways in which we’re alike.

“We don’t hate religion, we don’t hate your god (unless he’s really mean – See above) and we don’t hate you.”

5. The Bitter End 

A slight curveball to what you all may have been expecting, we just could not go past the beauty and elegance of this introductory track. Beginning their 2012 album ‘Daybreaker’, The Bitter End has a spine tingling chime run that is instantly intriguing. Followed by soft, clean vocals from Sam Carter to then lead to a simple yet powerful second half, the track is perfect from start to finish.

4. A Match Made In Heaven

Hectic from start to finish, A Match Made In Heaven is chaotic and a guarantee to get Australian crowds off their feet come September. The beauty of Tom Searle’s writing is no two songs sound the same, whilst there are similarities, his ability to connect a variety of ideas and seamlessly flow them within one song is a talent like no other.

3. Naysayer

It was tough to find reasons why Naysayer wouldn’t be number one on our list (you’ll see why soon!). The beast of a track was the catalyst for Architects return to relevance. After a few quiet years, the lead single from 2014’s ‘Lost Forever//Lost Together’ reached number one on the ARIA metal charts and has since remained one of the most memorable Architects’ tunes to date.

2. These Colours Don’t Run

When any Architects fan is questioned on their favourite Architects song, These Colours Don’t Run is always within the top three. With spacey guitar, yet another characteristic monster breakdown and lyrics that hit political greed smack bang in the middle of the legs, the track is a must listen regardless of genre. And we just couldn’t go past chucking in a live video of it to show just how loved this track really is.

1. Memento Mori 

Memento Mori is an emotional rollercoaster that is just too hard to go past in the heartbreaking scenario that band, family and fans have recently encountered. the 8-minute Goliath of a track is arguably Searle’s foreseeing into the fatal consequences of his illness. With lyrics like: “let me live and die in peace” and “You can’t hang on to yourself. You don’t even have to try not to hang on to yourself. It can’t be done and that is salvation. Memento Mori… be mindful of death…”, Memento Mori is a beautiful goodbye from Searle that has us all choked up. Rest easy legend.

Bring Me The Horizon ‘That’s The Spirit’ Australian Tour 2016
supported by Architects and ’68

HBF Stadium, Perth (All Ages)
Riverstage, Brisbane (Lic/All Ages)
Hordern Pavillion, Sydney (Lic/All Ages)
Hordern Pavillion, Sydney (Lic/All Ages)
AEC Theatre, Adelaide (Lic/All Ages)
Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne (Lic/All Ages)
Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne (Lic/All Ages)

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Written by Sam Muggleton