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Paces Keeps Score With L D R U For Like A Version

Paces and Guy Sebastian

Paces took Guy Sebastian along for this morning’s Like a Version to put their spin on L D R U’s Keeping Score. Typically, triple j’s weekly Like a Versions are made brilliant when an artist takes on a track from a different genre and twists it for us, but Paces challenged that this morning.

Paces managed to stay within the electronic genre and still change it up, slowing down some parts of the song and speeding up others, and of course featuring Guy Sebastian’s heavy and soulful vocals. Parts of the song are softened with smooth keyboard melodies and less intensive electro-beats.

The higher-pitched vocals from Paige IV in the original really soften the track, so the introduction of Sebastian on vocals alone gives the song a darker tone. The added keyboard elements seem to give the track more depth and emotion, which is perfectly balanced by Paces’ quick electronic beats and touchpad magic.

All together the track becomes a fun, yet emotive, electro-groove piece. The cover doesn’t stray from what makes the original good at all but incorporates a lot of different elements to make it a more-complex type of banger.

Paces is currently travelling around the country on his ‘Vacation’ National Tour, check out the Like a Version and remaining tour dates below!

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Paces ‘Vacation’ National Tour

Howler, Melbourne
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney