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Paper Lane Enter The Fray With Debut Single, ‘Better In My Head’

Brisbane/Meanjin-based indie rock outfit Paper Lane has hit the ground running with their debut single, Better In My Head.

Comprising the talents of Taleena Peck, Luke Martin, David Rentell, and Harry Schneider, Paper Lane presents a charming and relatable peek into the inner workings of a person traversing everyday encounters, only to discover themselves caught in unwitting moments of embarrassment.

Infused with a blend of whimsicality and raw truth, this track paints a vivid picture of the all-too-familiar instances where words flow seamlessly in our minds but stumble in reality. Set against an indie backdrop of catchy rhythms and rich guitar melodies, the song encapsulates the very essence of these relatable experiences. Taleena Peck’s velvety and fervent vocals infuse the track with genuine sincerity, creating a comforting anthem for anyone who has shared these relatable blunders.

Making their mark with a debut single, Paper Lane introduces a finely-crafted addition to the indie rock panorama. Infused with a buoyant and uplifting aura, Better In My Head masterfully merges intricate songcraft with a dash of alt-country nuances, evoking a sense of familiarity and agelessness. The track invigorates and showcases the band’s self-assured and dynamic musical prowess through the seamless interplay of rock-infused riffs and mellifluous acoustic strums, all tied together by the quintessential indie rock rhythm.

An excellent debut from an abundantly talented band, Paper Lane’s debut single, Better In My Head, is available now everywhere.


Written by John Zebra