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Party Central Q & A: The Ninjas

The Ninjas

The Ninjas, best known for their upbeat happy-go-lucky rock in Cara Delevinge, are currently on the road in support of their latest single Morphine. The new track sees the duo mellow out their sound somewhat (think any JET song towards the end of their albums), as the addition of an acoustic guitar and keyboard have transformed their upbeat rock into a bic-lighter-esque ballad. We asked the duo how they like to party and how their new single compares to previous releases.

Who’s hosting the party? Where would it be? 

We’d probably recruit Danny McBride (aka Kenny Powers), it’d be at his place in the Hollywood Hills.

Is it themed? If so, what is the theme?

It’s not themed, people put on masks everyday. It’s time for everybody to be themselves!

Which member of the band is most likely to be ‘that guy’ and whip out an acoustic guitar and start singing Wonderwall?

Definitely Stevo (our new bass player), he’s a wild card. There’s actually a little snippet in the video we’re about to release for Morphine where Stevo is caught in his natural habitat, jumping around like the mad man he is.

What’s the contents of the Kings Cup?

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold for sure!

Who’s dominating at beer pong?

There’s probably an epic battle going on between Ferris and myself, akin to our highly competitive games of billiards – where I am coming off a win streak.

What’s the party jam? What tunes have everyone dancing?

P Diddy Bad Boys for life!

Who’s most likely to get a little too sloppy?

100 per cent without a doubt Marky Mark, we don’t know why, he was born for the party, cast iron gut and all. He’s also notorious for missing flights.

To the uninitiated, how do you describe your sound and live shows?

This is probably the hardest question to answer because we’ve never been able to watch our live shows from the perspective of the audience. This said, a good friend of ours described our recent set at the Big Pineapple Festival as Glastonbury meets Nambour, so let’s go with that.

If you could collaborate with any musician, who do would you choose? 

Hmm, probably Dave Sardy. He’s the guy behind the desk of a lot of my favourite records, and as I love recording new songs more than anything, I’d just love to watch him work and try absorb some of his wisdom.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to about the The Milk Factory show?

I’ve never been the Milk factory before, so I don’t really know what to expect BUT we do have a lot of friends coming and I can’t wait to catch up with them! Also pretty keen to try one of their ‘Nutella Calzones’.

The Ninjas Live Dates

Lazybones Lounge, Sydney
The Milk Factory, Brisbane