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Passenger Announces New Album ‘As Young As The Morning, As Old As The Sea’


Singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, aka Passenger, has announced his forthcoming album ‘Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea’. The British poet has been climbing the ranks over the past ten years and truly took the world by storm in 2012 with his hits Let Her Go, and Holes. ‘Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea’ will be Rosenberg’s 8th album and again sees his collaborations with highly renowned producer Chris Vallejo (INXS, Empire Of The Sun).

Rosenberg shares, “I’ve done pretty much an album a year for the last decade and the worry is that you don’t live with things for long enough. I know the most recent record is probably always my favourite, but I honestly feel this is the first time I can play the new record to people and not feel obliged to make excuses. I’m so proud of it.”

The leading sing Somebody’s Love is a satisfying soundscape of all that is Passenger. With soothing, acoustic guitar, soft, steady drums, and Rosenberg’ poetic lyricism, Somebody’s Love takes you on a journey love and loneliness. As always, Rosenberg’s vocal tone is the highlight of the song, bringing his lyrics to life.

Somebody’s Love is out now.

‘Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea’ is due to be released Friday 23rd September.