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Pastures Top 5 Pieces of Equipment When Recording ‘The Garden’

Sustaining their momentum through an organic fusion of musical synergy and an inherent knack for crafting infectious melodies and captivating hooks, the Sydney-based indie quintet, Pastures, recently unveiled their latest musical offering and unfolded a new chapter with the release of their single, ‘The Garden.’ To celebrate the release, Pastures have shared with us their 5 favourite pieces of gear they used to create the new jam.

Roland JU06A boutique synthesizer

“The Garden was easily my favourite song to work on so far. The track was always a bit mysterious to me and so I wanted to reflect that emotional ambiguity in my synth patches. I wanted to get as close in tone to Vangelis and his ethereal Blade Runner score whilst putting my own spin on it. The detuned, nostalgic timbre was created to emulate afternoon sun rays on the veggie patch. The long, delayed envelopes during the chorus were to simulate waves crashing and complement Sam’s literal crashes.” – Harry


Meinl Byzance cymbals

“The ethereal soundscape these cymbals bring about and how they all blend together with both each other and the other instruments never ceases to amaze me. The sand hi hats and ride are so beautifully articulate yet don’t overpower; the dual crash and splash cut where they need to and also shut up where they should; the traditional hammered crash (‘thunder butter’) is pure class – the mallet swells used on this in “The Garden” give a beautiful crescendo that complement the guitars and synth perfectly in those moments of tension.” – Sam


Boss Dimension C chorus pedal

“I loved using this pedal so much. The chorus it produces is just so rich and diverse, and we were able to get a range of lush tones out of it while recording “The Garden” and the other songs. It really helped create that nostalgic, bittersweet tone that is layered through our sound.” – Dylan


Oscar’s Danelectro 12 String

“Oscar had this 12 string in his studio. We had no plans before recording to add 12 string layers, but when Tom and I saw it on the guitar rack, we were like “nah that has to happen”. It just added such a nice, warm texture to the choruses on “The Garden”. – Dylan

Pastures latest single, The Garden is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro