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Paulina Shares Her 5 Favourite Love Songs

Meanjin/Brisbane-based 17-year-old singer-songwriter Paulina is set to unveil her mesmerising new single ‘Untouched’ – produced by Tim Bettinson (Vancouver Sleep Clinic) and Luke Jenkins. To celebrate the release we asked Paulina to share with us her favourite love songs of all time.


To Be Loved – Adele

Her entire album ‘30’ is so raw but this song has to be – in my opinion – the most beautiful track. She truly dives into the dissolution of her marriage and the impact it had on her, alone. It’s heartbreaking to hear within the lyrics that she felt their relationship was somewhat doomed from the beginning, yet she pushed on and built a family, because at the time she believed being loved the way she was, was worth losing everything else in her life. The simplicity of the song’s production creates an unmatched intimacy, that only really Adele can create. This song truly does make you question whether the love of one person is worth the loss of all else.

Comedown – Joesef

Grieving the loss of love is a painful experience, and this song encapsulates that feeling so well. Again, the simple production leaves so much room for his super unique voice and beautiful lyricism about letting his ex slip through his hands, to really hit the listener. It’s such a heartbreaking tune to listen to, but I’m obsessed with it.

World We Created – Giveon

Ahhhh this song :,) It’s such an easy listen and has some really wholesome lyrics – my fav being the chorus “I just wanna stay in the world we created.” It’s just such a precious thought and makes me appreciate love even more than before. This song is also constantly on repeat, especially when I drive home from the studio at night. I love Giveon and I lovvveee this song.

Jesse – Dijon

This one’s another super sad one lol but it’s great, trust me! It explores how love can sometimes make you so blind and how it lets you see the best in some of the worst people. But these people do not deserve your love!!!! Anyways, this song ends off on a really eerie note with some super sick but strange production, which (I feel) makes you reflect on that occasional downside of love.

Falling – Maverick Sabre

Another SUPER VIBE-Y song!!!! It creates such a feeling of warmth with a little side of groove, and I’m so here for it. My all-time favourite line, “I hope gravity waits because I’m falling,” has me weak. in. the. knees. And the beautiful choirs that accompany his voice in this song makes it feel so heavenly, like love itself.


Paulina’s new single, Untouched is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra