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Paulina Unveils Enchanting New EP, ‘Just Know, It’ll Be Ok’

Meanjin/Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Paulina has just unveiled her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Just Know, It’ll Be Ok‘. The collection features five glowing tracks, baring Paulina’s heart and soul, exploring social injustices, women’s rights, and the overall message that love is strong enough to keep humanity connected despite feelings of chaos in the world.

The EP kicks off with ‘Worth Fighting For’, immediately captivating listeners with mesmerizing synths and harmonies that heighten Paulina’s lush melodies. The track resonates with deep emotion amidst an engulfing ambience, resulting in a genuinely otherworldly musical voyage with an overall message of hope for humanity.

Focus track ‘Give It All‘ follows, where the vocals and instruments fuse harmoniously, gently pausing after each breath. Paulina’s voice carries profound passion, expressing hope and sorrow when exploring the stages of losing someone you love. Within the dreamlike atmosphere, the soothing piano adds an uplifting yet melancholy air to the grief explored in the track.

Hearsay‘ stands at the heart of the record, and the shift in tempo and aura comes from a darker exploration of themes not yet touched in the EP. The track shares the struggles of helping someone you see falling into a dark place whilst feeling uncertain if they want to help themselves in the first place.

The fourth piece, ‘Don’t Let Me Go‘, showcases a mesmerizing allure, heightened by the incomparable vocal falsetto and featuring Aodhan’s yearning contribution, resulting in a heart-rending and expansive musical experience. The connection between both singers is heartfelt and pure, exploring the message that love can hold power throughout anything when all else falls apart.

The final track, ‘Maybe We’re Running‘, closes the record with Paulina’s enchanting vocals as they glide over uplifting orchestral instrumentation. The overturning of Roe v. Wade inspired the track, and the delicacy in the vocals and the importance of the story behind it strikes an impeccable balance between melancholy and hope.

Just Know, It’ll Be Ok‘ is a reminder to have faith in yourself and the world around you, even through the most challenging of times. The balance of optimism and solace carries the collection and concludes with the feeling of hope and love.

Written by John Zebra