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Peak Park and Charlie Wilde Curdle the Heartstrings With Their Collaborative Single, ‘Old Love’

Peak Park and Charlie Wilde join forces once again, delivering a soul-stirring single titled Old Love. This emotionally charged release marks the next chapter in the creative partnership between the two acts, building on the heartfelt resonance established in their earlier collaboration, Boyhood.

Old Love unfolds a poignant tale, delicately navigating the hurdles synonymous with the music industry. This dreamy composition weaves a captivating narrative that genuinely tugs at the heartstrings. Charlie Wilde’s sincere vocal delivery serves as a magnetic force, skillfully translating emotions into a melodic journey. Paired with Peak Park’s cinematic production, the track unfolds as a truly remarkable piece, marrying lyrical depth with an evocative sonic landscape that resonates long after the final note fades away.

“First and foremost, ‘Old Love’ is about not giving up on this industry, told first through the lens of my failings as both a writer and musician coupled with the ‘endorphic’ rush of some of my biggest triumphs. I brought the lyrics and melody to Peak Park whilst we were creating our previous single ‘Boyhood’ as a companion piece to that release, with the chords starting in the same place but then branching out and with a completely different timbre. The production quality really lies with them, especially the instrumental sections which are my absolute favourite parts of the piece.” – Charlie Wilde.

Old Love emanates a gentle and comforting melody, making it a superb addition to the collective artistry of these remarkable songwriters. This collaborative masterpiece stands as a testament to the synergy between the talented minds behind it. The subtle warmth of the tune creates an inviting atmosphere, showcasing the seamless blend of creativity and skill that defines this wonderful partnership.

Written by Chris Lamaro