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The Perfect Blues Man Q & A: Jesse Redwing

Jesse Redwing

Growing up on punk but finding inspiration from Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones, Sydney blues machine Jesse Redwing has once again caught the attention of those Aussies who love to shimmy! We asked the ‘Wing how to be the best blues man and the story behind his latest single Round It Goes.

What is the perfect bourbon for a bluesman?

Nah, Tequila! Always tequila ‘cause its an upper!

You’re walking down a lonely road at night and a man offers you a trade: your soul for being the greatest blues player of the 21st century. Do you take the offer?

I sold my soul a long time ago! How do you think a white boy from Australia learned to sing the blues so well?

Like a true blues man, how did you have your heart broken today?

I turned on the radio and heard the state of today’s pop music!

You’re getting on a train in the morning heading out of town for a new life, where are you going?

It doesn’t matter where you go, you can’t run from these blues…As long as I got my guitar I’ll be fine.

Your woman doesn’t love you anymore, how do you win her back?

One sip of my patented Redwing Love Potion and they’re hooked for life. To quote James Brown, “this is a man’s world, but it ain’t nothin’ without a woman or a girl!”

Why did you last have to cry?

When they made the ‘Wing fill out another questionnaire…

For the uninitiated, how would you describe Jesse Redwing’s sound and live shows?

Balls-to-the-wall, all good times rockin’ blues band. I’m definitely not a bedroom producer, I live to play live and feed off the energy of the crowd. When I see everyone out there shakin’ what they got that really makes me feel good. There’s no telling what might happen on those nights!

We’re loving Round It Goes, what’s the inspiration behind the song?

Most of us have been involved in an abusive relationship at some point and the girl this song is about still wakes me up in cold sweats! The song’s dedicated to all the crazy beautiful women that we all love to hate and hate to love.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about you?

I’m a Leo, I love long walks, on the beach and reciting poetry!

Written by Max Higgins