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Perk Up With Redspencer’s Dreamy New Track “Rainbows”


Melbourne 4-piece Redspencer have given us another sweet nibble of their forthcoming album ‘Perks’ with the release of their latest track, Rainbows.

Rainbows is the musical love child of The Beach Boys and Mac DeMarco. The track begins with a surfy guitar riff that leads into a slow-paced indie pop track laden with hazy vibes and existential lyrics.

In a happy-go-lucky tone, lead vocalist David McMillan drops lines layered in meaning, like “Sunshine everything is fine, you live a lie/Alcohol induced happiness and truth”.

‘Perks’ is set for release Friday the 18th of November, and follows on from their eponymous self-titled EP, ‘Redspencer’. Rainbows is the second release from the upcoming album, with the first single Fuss dropping back in August.

Both Rainbows and Fuss have similar guitar riffs and dreamy vocals to their debut EP, with just a touch more polished production.

Rainbows has certainly raised our anticipation for ‘Perks’, can’t wait guys!

Redspencer Live Dates

Fitzroy, Melbourne