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Perth Rockers Rag n’ Bone Drop Politically Charged Winner

Rag n Bone

Hailing from Perth, Rag n’ Bone are a band on the rise. Riding a wave of excitement following the release of their debut EP last year, the quartet have quickly fired another tune out of the barrel with new single I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore. 

The single is as much about the mistreatment of refugees, gender identity, and cultural re-appropriation as it is about crunchy bass, crumbling floor toms, and intriguing whammy-bar guitar. Opening with a powerful vocally-driven verse, the presence of pounding drums and bass build to an overdriven guitar riff before climaxing in an intense rock breakdown.

The politically driven lyrics provide a commanding influence throughout the song and convey protest against the (completely unnecessary) treatment of the minorities in society.

Rag n’ Bone are out to change the world for good, and I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore is the perfect way to start!

Written by Sam Muggleton