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Peter Garrett Really Really Wants You To Know He’s Back


Peter Garrett Solo

Midnight Oil frontman, and human bag of jelly, Peter Garrett is back on the scene with his debut solo album. Nearly 15 years after he was last in the studio, Garrett’s first single Tall Trees, from  “A Version of Now”, has dropped today.

Garrett’s new material will be very comfortable to anyone who was a fan of Midnight Oil’s work, while still feeling fresh . Tall Trees is a chugging track that loudly, proudly, and repeatedly proclaims exactly what Garrett wants you to know: “he’s back”. The track is distinctively reminiscent of the post-punk sound that brought ‘the Oils to fame the first time around, if the backing track had been turned down to focus on Garrett’s vocals.

Some of Garrett’s analogies can seem a little strained in the choruses. Repeatedly equating himself to things that have returned, such as a “vessel that’s been stranded”, Garrett has a number of more questionable comparisons. For instance I wasn’t aware that “Muhammad Ali’s punching bag, or “swamps that you can stand in went anywhere that required them to return.

Explaining the album title, Garrett says, “I wanted to capture my version of now. The songs are reflections of turbulent decades on the rack, and the people and things that meant most to me.”

Garrett has brought along a number of high-profile friends to help him get his music into your ears. His backing band consists of former Midnight Oil guitarist Martin Rostey, Jet’s Mark Wilson on Bass, and Paul Kelly’s drummer Pete Luscombe.

Garrett, while no relation to British beard and hat model, Jack Garratt, has worn a number of hats over the years. Most notably as the former lead singer of Midnight Oil, and most recently, as a Minister in the Rudd and Gillard Labor Governments from 2007 – 2013.

Garrett and his Midnight Oil bandmates reunited at the start of this month, with plans to tour the country in 2017, after Garrett’s solo album had been released.

And for anyone who needs to get back up to speed on Peter Garrett’s dancing style…

Written by Max Higgins