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Phia Opens Up With Introspective Single & Announces Album

Phia - Open_Closed

Having spent the last two years writing and recording her debut album ‘The Ocean Of Everything’, Melbournian songstress Phia has dropped fourth single Open/Closed less than a month before the album release. Fans of her previous singles So Far So Close, Do You Ever, and most recently, Heartstrings will be relieved to hear all of her familiar quirks in the new track, forming a deceptively sweet packaging for its searching lyrics.

Open/Closed begins with Phia’s trademark Kalimba instrumentation and sweet, delicate vocals in the style of Feist and Regina Spektor. Its light-hearted opening lines almost conceal the song’s deeper subject matter as Phia sings “I click the button, I hear it locks/I think I will wear out the battery, the amount of times I have to see/Is it open or is it closed? Why’s it so hard for me to know?/Am I open or am I closed?” Beneath the fluttering Kalimba melodies, driving guitar becomes the unsung hero of the track, holding everything together and undercutting the sweetness with a restless energy.

The Open/Closed music video captures the song’s angst-ridden lyrical undertones as well as its light, airy composition, making for an intriguing contrast and a considered visual accompaniment.

Phia’s debut album ‘The Ocean Of Everything’ is set for release this month. In the meantime, check out her Open/Closed music video below!

Written by Jess Martyn