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Photos: People Stuck Exiting Splendour In The Grass 2016

People Stuck Exiting Splendour 2016

Post #1

People stuck splendour 2016 post 1

This is Doug (name changed to protect identity). He sought higher ground to see if he could locate any nearby land…but he was disappointed all he could find was a sea of cars.

Post #2

People stuck splendour 2016 post 2

These may appear to be simply forgotten shoes, but you’d be wrong. They are in fact a harrowing reminder of the many brave souls that have perished while waiting for the wheels on their vehicle to go round and round…

Post #3

As peace talks quickly dissolve in Camp Site 4 some have been quick to elect a United Nations Council to ensure that everyone has and is granted equal and just inconvenience.

People stuck splendour 2016 post 3

Post #4

For some, the Splendour bender hasn’t ended! Locals have begun welcoming Day 4 of Splendour In The Grass grooving to the ‘Toy Story’ soundtrack on repeat.

People stuck splendour 2016 post 4

Post #5

At 1:05pm a mystery man walked past my car, shirtless and gripping his red Nandos inflatable ball firmly. He said to me, “are you having fun?”. Swooooooooon

People stuck splendour 2016 post 5

Post #6

As the hours pass, vehicle fatigue sets in. As a result of sitting in cars at the ready for movement, some have lost the complete use of their legs. This phenomenon has been diagnosed as Splendourcarpark-itis…

People stuck splendour 2016 post 6

Post #7

Marco (name changed to protect identity) describes his choice of hat fashion today honestly. “VB is a lot like our exiting dilemma. It starts off fun, but then it inevitably leaves a bitter taste in your mouth… and it’s best served on ice with a toasty as a side”.

People stuck splendour 2016 post 7

Post #8

Ned (name changed to protect identity) gave up on traditional modes of transport after hour number 5 stuck trying to leave Splendour’s campgrounds. “I’m gonna pedal all the way back to Tassie, I’ll be like that kid from ET flying over the water…PHONE HOME BABY PHONE HOME”

People stuck splendour 2016 post 8

Post #9

Sweet William (name changed to protect identity) always enjoyed tennis growing up. His mother thought he had a real talent. After a long 10-year hiatus he finally decided NOW just felt like the right time to practice again. Good luck Sweet Willy, make your mother proud!

People stuck splendour 2016 post 9

Post #10

Traffic now appears to be moving at a regular snail pace, which is inspiring celebration for many of us hanging out our windows!

People stuck splendour 2016 post 10

Post #11

After a big night grooving to Flume, Timmy (name changed to protect identity) awakes to an empty camp site. He is entirely unaware until he checks Facebook this evening there was even some sort of alleged “delay”…

people stuck at splendour 2016 post 11

Post #12

It looks as if our time together has come to an end, I have escaped! If you look really closely you can actually see a poor soul sitting amongst the sign, his heart broken from the realisation that the car park exit struggle is finally over.

people stuck at splendour 2016 post 12

That’s all from me guys, same time next year! Words and photos by Tom Sue Yek

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Photos by Tom Sue Yek