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Plantlife Reinvents House Music On ‘We Don’t Speak Much’


With plantlife, you have to stop and smell the flowers. Hailing from the Sydney, the mystery producer crafts bespoke, sample-based electronica. we don’t speak much provides a nexus of lush, stereophonic house music.

Mastering the warm feel of analogue, plantlife distills shy layers of afro-beat and house aesthetics. It’s fast off it’s mark, too. It jolts directly into its grounded beat through a rhythmically sensible piano line. Progressing, plantlife ensures his livewire energy remains current throughout—flirting with diatribe styles of house, bass and techno.

However, it’s the undercurrents of jazz which propel the track further forward. From the three minute mark, plantlife’s dizzying beats formulate a playful obscurity. From there, we don’t speak is at its peak. With its glowing synth chords, flecks of piano, and crackling percussion, the track rides a house groove that brings upon sensuous, contented and deep feelings.

The suave principle to plantlife is his methodical breakdown of electronic music. Nimble, nervous and highly percussive, this Sydney producer is in direct form to overshadow his contemporaries.

Stream we don’t speak much below.

Written by Jake Wilton